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Alpaca beanies

Alpaca beanies: when the winter season approaches, it is important to be prepared to face the cold that will arrive. So having the main winter accessories is essential. Alpaca beanies are among the must-have items of every year, in addition to keeping you warm, they add a touch of style to your outfit for the autumn/winter season.

Wool hat winter: how to choose them

The first question to ask yourself when you want to buy a winter hat is: Which hat should I choose? The market offers so many winter wool hats so the choice is really difficult.

Women’s wool beanie

Alpaca beanies winter must-have for women

The timeless charm of the winter wool hat increases every year. Let’s start by considering the wool beanie for women. The growing awareness of fashion trends among consumers all over the world leads to the desire to purchase elegant winter accessories, yes, but also functional and, above all, of good quality!

Alpaca beanies trends

The winter alpaca hat is an accessory that cannot be missing from a woman’s wardrobe. Elegant or sporty and casual, it is an accessory that gives that extra touch to even the simplest look.

From wool, alpaca or cashmere beanies, to classic felt hats, up to the timeless Parisian beret: let’s discover together the wool beanies models that cannot be missing from your wardrobe.


French beret for winter: elegant and casual

French beret for winter, worn by a beautiful girl

The French beret is the winter hat most loved by women. Versatile and warm, it adapts to every look, making every outfit special and unique. The advantage of the French beret? It’s evergreen, so it never goes out of style! The most comfortable beret is obviously the wool beret because it has no size and adapts perfectly to any head circumference. It is also soft and always warm. Numerous versions of the French beret of wool are available on the market, in plain colors or geometric patterns, the choice is yours! For those who are undecided between choosing a plain color or geometric patterned wool beret, the good news is that there are reversible alpaca wool beret models: on one side in a plain color and on the other in a geometric pattern.

Look at the alpaca hats: women’s alpaca berets:

French beret

In addition to being extremely versatile, these double-faced berets are also much warmer and more comfortable.
The best material for the French beret is obviously alpaca wool, much warmer than sheep’s wool and water-repellent.

Women’s alpaca hat

Another winter alpaca hat model that never goes out of fashion is the so-called “beanie hat”, i.e. the classic wool cap with a soft and enveloping fabric, perfect for cold winter days. This winter alpaca wool hat is available in multiple colors, in different shapes, in plain or patterned; impossible not to have at least one in your wardrobe.

A particular version of the women’s winter hat, which entered fashion in the early 70s, is the hat with earflaps “chullo hat”, perfect for those who love both ethnic and hippie style.


alpaca chullo hat for women

Look at the alpaca hats with ear flaps:

Chullo hat

Cloche hat

Timeless, the cloche hat is to be considered among elegant women’s hats. To define a refined trend, the cloche hat is certainly the most appropriate choice. This is clearly a hat for special occasions, such as a wedding or a fancy party. The cloche hat represents the fusion of vintage elegance and modern style, a perfect combination for those looking for a refined but above all sophisticated look.

Cloche hat for womens

Mens beanie hat

Let’s now talk about men’s beanie hats. This type of hats are a classic, they add a touch of sophistication and style to any men’s winter outfit. Winter hats, also called beanies, are available in various colors and materials; my advice is to direct your choice towards a good quality hat.

Alpaca beanies

Alpaca wool is obviously the first choice. The timeless trend towards this type of beanie hat is driven by their ability to give a men’s winter outfit a refined and elegant touch. Available in a solid color or geometric pattern, the choice depends on the type of look you want to create.

Mens beanie hat of alpaca wool

Winter men’s wool beanie hat

If you want to broaden your search towards a lighter but still warm hat, I recommend turning your attention to winter baby alpaca hats. These winter hats are not bulky and still very warm and surprisingly soft. 

Chullo hat

For those who want an ethnic look, the chullo hat is perfect. This type of winter hat is also suitable for athletes; together with the wool ear flap, this type of hat is the top trend for athletes.

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