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Boho shoulder bags, original boho handbags: The bag is essential for every woman
Anyone who is interested in fashion knows the importance of the bag as the first complement to a good feminine outfit. Have you ever seen a woman without a bag?

Boho shoulder bags

Original boho handbags

Boho shoulder bags

The answer is no, and not only because a woman’s outfit is incomplete when she is not accompanied by a bag. The bag is an essential item of clothing for every woman and its usefulness is indisputable, shoulder bags are essential to have everything a woman needs at hand. So we are talking about a garment for every day.
Starting from this assumption, one wonders what distinguishes normal bags from boho shoulder bags, original boho handbags that is also capable of satisfying the aesthetic taste of its owner and giving a special touch to her look.

Boho handbags

What are the main characteristics of a women’s bag? First of all, it has to be beautiful, comfortable and special.
Fashion offers an infinity of women’s bags with different styles, today we look at the boho handbags, which is timeless; a bag that is always pretty and decidedly special, a bag that knows no age.

Boho shoulder bags

Suitable for many occasions and all styles of clothing, the ethnic boho makes your look unique and unmistakable. 

Hippie Handbags

Hippie handbags

Made with vintage ethnic fabrics, LAMAMITA brand vintage shoulder bags are all unique, precisely because of the type of fabric used. At your disposal you have different models of certain women’s boho shoulder bags, among which you can choose not only the boho handbag model you prefer, but also the model with the ethnic fabric that you like the most. In the detail of the bag you can find the size and length of the shoulder strap. The beautiful LAMAMITA women’s boho shoulder bags are made mainly in Peru by artisans dedicated to the search for the most beautiful ethnic fabrics.

Vintage shoulder bags

What do I carry in my boho shoulder bags

An vintage shoulder bag is not a used bag. By vintage bag we understand a bag whose main characteristic is not that it has already been used in the past, but that over time it has acquired a value that derives from its rarity and its unrepeatability due to the materials used. For this reason, VINTAGE are the fabrics chosen to create these magnificent boho chic boho shoulder bags. Each boho shoulder bag has its own story and is absolutely unique. You will never meet an unknown colleague, friend or emeritus at a party, work meeting or anywhere else with a wallet as big as yours.

Take a look at the women’s boho shoulder bags 

Above, the link to the shoulder boho bags of the LAMAMITA brand, here is a complete summary of the different models available. If knitted bags and crochet bags are your passion, here is the link to one these beautiful handmade bags CROCHET BAG LLAMA
In the catalog you will also find women’s retro backpacks made of fabric, knitwear and much more.

What do I carry in my boho shoulder bags?

Then, if you want to put a wallet or anything else with the same style in your boho handbag, I recommend that you take a look at the online catalog of Fabric wallets. Would you like a nice key ring or a special accessory for your new boho bag? Look at this beautiful heart-shaped VINTAGE accessory ( Link )
Follow me and in the next article I will tell you about backpacks and their different styles.