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Wool leg warmers how to wear them

Wool leg warmers and fashion. Mainly worn by dancers and athletes, leg warmers became part of fashion in the 80s. Thanks to a successful film that we all remember, “Flashdance”, leg warmers ended up in the sights of stylists. Thus, the dance leg warmer leaves the gym and enters the great world of fashion to complete a casual and even elegant outfit.

Wool leg warmers wearing with style

Fashion trends recognize wool leg warmers as an accessory to complete the outfit with style. So stylists suggest wearing wool leg warmers to create super trendy looks!

Wool leg warmers wearing with style

The wool leg warmers, you almost don’t hear, but offer the advantage of keeping the lower part of the leg warm and thus transmitting heat to the whole body. If you don’t have a pair of wool leg warmers in your closet, you definitely need at least one! Before purchasing it, I will show you different models of wool leg warmers, all of excellent quality, with different and very particular workmanship to match them as you prefer and always be fashionable.


Wool leg warmers, how to choose them

The first thing to do, before buying your wool leg warmers, is to decide on their quality. Since you will be wearing them in cold weather, it is worth choosing a good quality wool leg warmer. My advice is to buy alpaca wool leg warmers as in addition to being really warm and soft, they last over time. Furthermore, alpaca wool is water-repellent. This means that if you go out on a rainy day, your leg warmers won’t get soaked and your legs will stay dry and warm.


Leg warmers and alpaca wool for women

Solid color leg warmers

If you want to create an elegant and classic outfit, your choice should fall on solid-coloured wool leg warmers. For this type of look, putting just one pair of leg warmers in your wardrobe won’t be enough. You will need to choose at least two pairs of leg warmers in different colors to be able to interchange them. Knitted leg warmers, if in a solid colour, must have a braided or ribbed finish, to give that touch of elegance that makes the difference.

Solid color leg warmers

Leg warmers aesthetic outfit

Do you love wearing short dresses? Here’s how to complete a classic look with style:

  1. short dress
  2. pair of opaque tights
  3. leg warmers in shades of color

And here’s a fantastic look!
You can use the same method to create an outfit with a short skirt. The wool leg warmers can be worn smooth on the leg or soft, slightly curled on the calf, the choice is yours.

Leg warmers aesthetic outfit and alpaca wool short knit shirts

Heels and wool leg warmers

Shoes are not a problem, the alpaca wool leg warmers look great with both shoes and ankle boots, and high or low heels are certainly not a problem!

Heels and wool leg warmers

Casual women’s leg warmers

For a perfect casual or ethnic look, choose colored wool leg warmers. Obviously always alpaca wool leg warmers, but made with ethnic designs. In the LAMAMITA online catalogue, there are some beautiful ones, with spectacular color variations. The colors are sober as they are obtained from herbs and roots, so these leg warmers are also perfect for a boho style look. The ethnic patterns reproduced are more but all recall ancient Inca symbolism. The patterned leg warmers, having various colors within the design, offer the advantage of easy matching.

alpaca wool leg warmers

Leg warmers and jeans

Jeans are an essential item of clothing in any wardrobe, both summer or winter! But to make the most of jeans whit your legwarmers, the autumn winter season is perfect! Choose a wool leg warmer, it doesn’t matter whether it’s plain or patterned, and wear it curled over jeans, completing the look with low ankle boots.
Give vent to your imagination with the LAMAMITA alpaca wool leg warmer models, you will have high quality accessories to create your personalized outfit and always be fashionable. Your friends and co-workers, everyone will notice your unique style. A style that will reflect your way of being and your personality.

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