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LaMamita Women’s Team

LaMamita Women’s Team – It seems fair to me, first of all, to start by introducing you to all the women on the LaMamita team. You can see them in this old photo; represents 4 women, the women of LaMamita; Today they have changed, but they are still the 4!

LaMamita 4 Womens

LaMamita Women’s Team: Number 1

I begin by presenting the one in the center, the largest, behind the blonde. Do you understand who I’m talking about? Ok, she is the one that all the members of the LAMAMITA team affectionately call “the commander”. Only her, with this kind of turban that is nothing more than a keffia, today everyone has one, we are invaded by keffias of all colors, even the Chinese make a super cheap version of course. But at the time of the shooting, 40 years ago, it was an atypical garment, rather alternative and in any case strictly in black and white.

Never followed fashion but she create it!

Whether her hairstyle was in fashion or not, she didn’t care much, because this woman, never followed fashion. She doesn’t read magazines, but she reads a lot of books. She doesn’t watch TV, but sometimes she goes to the movies. Do you think I have much free time for movies? No, absolutely not, I lived the cinema with her adventures. She created the ethnic fashion for her brand, it was natural for her to do so, creating a unique and very special line of ethnic clothing.

Suna LaMamita etnic clothing

LaMamita Women’s Team: Number 2

Here she is, number two on the LaMamita women’s team.

I’m talking about the older girl, not the little blonde who, as you can see, is extremely interested in the little lamb in the arms of the boy next to her. The resemblance between them is remarkable and over the years has been increasing.

Creative stylist and incomparable seller!

The role of the “commander” is obvious, it is not necessary to explain her functions within a team. Instead, it is fair to explain the role of others, because it is not so clear.
Therefore, I specify here the tasks that concern this pretty girl with a sweet and proud look. She is in charge of creating the summer models for this ethnic clothing firm. But not only that, she is also an excellent salesperson. If you like pants, a dress, a shirt, a sweater or something else and you want to combine them and create your own unique and particular outfit, this is the right person to contact! He will know how to advise you like no one else, show you all the secrets of the model you are buying and how to combine it! A lovely girl and everyone who knew her grew to appreciate her; She is the girl that many look for when they want advice.
It’s beautiful, right?


LaMamita Women’s Team: Number 3

Well then, the turn of the third member of the LaMamita team has arrived.

Sublime with her Caribbean braids, the little girl in the photo brightens the days of her companions, with her smile and her always playful enthusiasm. Over the years, this girl has not changed much. If one day you have the opportunity to meet her, you will never forget her. Her laughter is overwhelming, her banter witty and subtle. She pays attention to what you say in her presence, because she will know how to capture all the nuances of your speech and her response, always ready, will surely surprise you.

A unique and sensitive soul .. and not least an extraordinary model

There would be many things to say about her, but I leave you the pleasure of discovering them. Like what? Easy, with a simple click you can satisfy your curiosity, enter the LaMamita ethnic clothing site and discover for yourself the role of what has become a magnificent woman today!

abbigliamento invernale bambini

LaMamita Women’s Team: Number 4

Here we are at the latest team member from this clothing brand. One more moment, and if he’s quiet, I’ll introduce him to you.

It’s the blonde in almost all the photos, the one I always told you wasn’t the person I was showing you. Happy at last, with her son in her arms! Do you recognize her? NO? Come on, take a better look at it! Those eyes, that smile and that little nose haven’t changed at all even though he’s older now. Wondering where you’ve seen it before? But it’s obvious! If you know the LaMamita website, you’ve seen it every time you visit it. She is a model, she wears all the clothes. Like it or not, since she was little this role corresponds to her. A difficult role for her, as she is a reserved and somewhat shy girl, very different from her braided sister who is extremely exuberant!

Involuntary model, volunteer jack of all trades!

But don’t be fooled by her melancholic and tender look! She is much more than a shy model. Because? You will discover it little by little, reading the following articles.

Now you know the female part of the LaMamita team.

I have yet to introduce him to you, the only man on the team. Read the following article and find out who he is.

Read how the brand name was born
Good evening everybody!



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