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Traveling to Guatemala: Guatemala, country of eternal spring where colors and flowers bloom in all their beauty. When you arrive in Guatemala for the first time, you are truly fascinated for countless reasons!

View of Lake Panajachel in Guatemala

Guatemala a wonder of nature

  1. The climate: always mild, an ETERNAL SPRING!
  2. The landscape: Guatemala has a lush, luxuriant, green nature full of flowers, a wonderful nature!
  3. The culture: its history and its imposing and magnificent works of art, one of a kind.

Traveling to Guatemala

Once you have entered this extraordinary context, you are able to understand what the true strength of this wonderful and incredible nation is. This force is its people, a unique people! Humble, kind, hardworking people attached to their traditions.

Guatemala and children playing

These qualities, innate in every Guatemalan, make anyone feel at ease. In this way we appreciate this small part of the world even more.

Guatemala: Colors and folklore

The folklore and traditions of this people are palpable everywhere! The innate taste of these people for colors stands out in everything, especially in the artisanal fabrics they produce.

Guatemalan artisanal fabrics on display

These pure cotton fabrics are, still today, handcrafted, with manual looms.

in Guatemala, a little girl watches a craftsman weave with a manual loom

The fabrics show ancient Mayan symbols and are often enriched with wonderful flower embroideries, which highlight the love and respect of these people for their past and for nature.

Guatemalan little girl with typical clothes

The reference to the Mayan culture is still alive today, always present in the fabrics they make, used both to create their clothing and to create tablecloths, coasters, curtains, cushions, blankets and much more. The perfect combination of colors recalls the tones of the flower petals, which in Guatemala bloom lushly thanks to the mild climate.

Guatemalan little girl sitting near Lake Panajachel

Traveling to Guatemala: Traditional clothing

Guatemalan men and women still wear traditional clothing today. Traditional clothes are different from town to town, so knowing the local culture, when you meet someone, it is easy to understand their hometown.

Guatemala, women and girls dressed in typical clothes on the steps of the church of Chichicastenango

Traveling to Guatemala: Ethnic clothing

Each pueblo (for those who don’t know means country) therefore has traditional clothes with colors that prevail. Each pueblo has a dominant color different from any other. Arriving at an aldea or a market in a specific pueblo and seeing so many people wearing the same colors is a unique and wonderful sight. Identifying who comes from a nearby pueblo is very simple! Cortes and guipiles, as the typical fabrics used as traditional clothing are called, generally have bright colors and are often embroidered, clearly by hand, with floral or rural themes. They are small and true artisanal works of art, which personalize each item of clothing.

Traditional festival in Guatemala, Indians sell flowers on the steps of the church of Chichicastenago

For the eyes of the tourist, this is an incredible sight! In squares, churches, markets, restaurants and even cemeteries, colors dominate the landscape, enhancing emotions, feelings as well as flavors and even scents.

Traveling to Guatemala: A journey back in time

Now, this is Guatemala, a mix of colorful emotions!

LaMamita chose these magnificent fabrics to create her ethnic clothing, combining, with patterns and colors, the charm of Guatemalan culture with the must-have of the Western world.

By wearing any dress made with these fabrics, you are wearing a piece of history, a true work of art, which carries forward the charm and tradition of a wonderful people.