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Traveling to Peru, an unforgettable experience! Traveling to Peru in the 1980s. You will certainly wonder when LaMamita was in Peru for the first time!

Traveling to Peru

The first trip was undertaken a long, long time ago, in the beautiful and unforgettable 80s.

Travel to Peru, van that transports people on the open platform.

In those years, precisely because of that first trip, LaMamita’s winter ethnic clothing was born. Little by little, the two young explorers who were at that time the only members of this fledgling company, with backpacks on their shoulders, laid the roots for what is today, in my opinion, one of the best artisanal clothing manufacturing companies in alpaca wool which, today like yesterday, is still a unique and rare artisan clothing.

Trip to Peru

What drove this young couple to embark on a journey that was more complicated and dangerous at the time than it is today? Has Peru changed since then? A little yes, progress is unstoppable and changes the faces of places and people, but not that much.

Woman climbing a mountain to discover Machu Picchu

The charm of Peru and its people is timeless! But let’s get back to us, the first trip of this young couple and the idea of building a clothing company of handcrafted ethnic products was born from the love dream of a little girl.

Traveling to Peru - View of Machu Picchu in the Peruvian Andes

What was this dream? Living a different life, always next to her man and discovering the fantastic wonders of the world with him. This is what most little girls dreamed of once upon a time. Now I don’t know, times change and maybe little girls have different desires now.

Traveling to Peru Machu Picchu

Today perhaps it is more important to have fun, go to the disco, have an ultra-modern mobile phone with which to spend the day texting and browsing Facebook. Which is very demanding and leaves no room for other thoughts, with all the friends one finds! In the 80s you could count your friends on the fingers of one hand, today, with Facebook, we have dozens, hundreds of friends and of each of them, we follow the story, we see photos and we are constantly updated on what they do. Very challenging I would say, even interesting, I don’t doubt it. But this is just my thoughts, my opinion.

Traveling to Peru – Peruvian handicrafts

Returning to Peru, this couple’s first trip gave them the inspiration to create what you can now see and buy easily online.

A young man walks through the Pisac market in Peru - Traveling to Peru

Peru, with its indispensable charm, today we can find it transported in the beautiful alpaca sweaters that the characters of this beautiful dream of love, no longer young, create and still import.

If you want to have a wonderful and unforgettable trip, Peru should be included in your itineraries.

Traveling to Peru

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