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Hippie clothes

Hippie clothes originated in the 70s.
But it is not the origin of this hippie clothing that I want to tell you today. Many fashion magazines and many blogs have told us about the origins of bohemian hippie clothing, so we are quite knowledgeable about it.
Today I would like to show you the very particular hippie dresses offered by the boho shop online LAMAMITA.

Hippie clothing

Let’s first talk about the choice of material used in the manufacture of boho hippie clothing. The choice of fabrics is important to remain faithful to the hippie spirit from which this magnificent hippie-style garment was born.

Hippie fashion

As we all know, hippie thinking follows respect for nature and freedom.

What are the fibers of natural origin?

Following this line of thought, LaMamita has chosen its ethnic fabrics in pure cotton, made on artisanal looms. In the beautiful land of Eternal Spring, Guatemala, 100% cotton fabrics are made with geometric patterns reminiscent of ancient Mayan designs and symbols. Colors used to dye cotton yarn are products with

  • Herbs,
  • flowers,
  • roots

Hippie clothes

These original ethnic fabrics are perfect, for manufacture and production, for the creation of boho hippie chic style clothing. Many famous designers have been inspired by the designs of these fabrics to create their clothes. LAMAMITA went a step further by using original fabrics for their boho hippie clothing designs.

Hippie dress

New Suna Hippie dress

An hippie dress in the perfect boho style ( boho dress) is this New Suna boho hippie dress. A long boho summer dress with a delicately feminine flavor.
– The blouse is gathered at the chest with a crisscross embracing the V neckline.
– There are long lacings in the bodice to allow the dress to adapt to the body at will.
– The long skirt is equipped with ties to adjust the length,
this detail makes this hippie dress more than original and perfect. You can choose the dress in different fabrics and colors. Each fabric has its own ethnic design.

Boho outfit

Do you want to create a pretty Bohemian outfit for women? For a perfect Boho outfit, LAMAMITA offers ethnic earrings in natural recycled material, such as bull horn. If you want to complete your bohemian chic look, you can buy a boho necklace, very particular, the belt made of hand-painted ceramic beads which can also be worn as a necklace.

Boho necklace or boho hippie belt? Both! It’s both a boho necklace and a boho belt, what a wonderful idea! A bohemian belt that becomes a boho necklace! What more could you ask for from a clothing accessory?
Entirely handmade in Peru, this bohemian belt is a unique boho hippie style. The detail of the ceramic beads painted by hand one by one and the hand finishing of this incredible article allows you to have a special object that only you will have. It adds more value to your purchase and Boho outfit.

Boho dresses

Bohemian shop. As you all know, the bohemian-hippie style is very diverse, it gives free rein to your imagination and allows you to wear both ethnic and plain clothes.
The Boho dresses online store LAMAMITA ( Boho and Hippie clothing ) also offers boho dresses in solid colors, handmade in Peru from pure Pima cotton. This particular type of cotton is the most valuable cotton in the world. Thanks to ideal growing conditions, extra long staple length and hand harvesting, Peruvian Pima cotton is prized for its exceptional durability, softness and natural luster.
The cultivation and harvesting of this cotton respects the hippie style of thought for two fundamental reasons:

  1. the natural cultivation of the plant, which takes place only at the place of origin,  
  2. manual harvesting, very respectful of the environment.

The beautiful boho dresses in Peruvian cotton are adorned with lace in floral patterns

Boho hippie clothing

Julissa Boho chic dress

Among the boho cotton summer dresses that are on sale in the LAMAMITA’s bohemian shop, today I describe the beautiful Julissa boho dress.
A boho short dress with a wonderful bohemian style. Refined decorations applied in fabric, drooping shoulders and crossed on the chest giving life to a wide V neckline. Gathered bust at the back and flounce effect at the skirt.
Available in different and beautiful color variants. To complete a boho chic style with a refined and sober taste, I suggest the association with the Yoko monochrome bolero, a perfect combination of two handmade garments that come from two nations so far away:

  • Peru
  • Indonesia

Women's summer cardigan

Perfect boho fashion online ( ethnic fashion online) in the most unique boho clothing shop in Europe!

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