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Ladies harem trousers for an original summer ethnic fashion!

There are many harem trousers, the one in the photo above is a gorgeous chic low crotch ladies harem trousers with all the trappings to be what it says it is. The hippie trousers that I present to you are definitely a whole new type of ladies harem trousers!

Ladies harem trousers

Ladies harem trousers

Reworked and corrected by LaMamita, their handmade harem pants are made in an ethnic fabric from Guatemala which gives them a new face and a new comfort. 

Harem trousers for holiday


  1. Bombacho Harem trousers
  2. Bohemian harem pants Bagdad

I would go to the beach today despite cloudy weather and bad weather just to wear these cute harem trousers ( aladdin trousers ) which I can safely say are comfortable and suitable for a trip to the mountains too! I love the sea so I would wear them to the sea too!!
And you? have you ever been to the beach or not yet? It is surely the fault of the spring which is slowly coming! Have you decided to go there next weekend? I think I hear a lot of yeses! Ok, so before you go I advise you to take a look at these beautiful ladies harem trousers and immediately buy the color you prefer, you can’t go to the beach without them!

Ladies harem trousers

Ladies harem trousers

Don’t just look at the few photos I put in the article, discover the original photos directly on the LAMAMITA gypsy bohemian clothing site. I want you to see for yourself the beautiful colors of Guatemala ethnic fabric, made from 100% cotton on a loom an ethnic fabric used to make this beautiful harem trousers.

Kids Harem trousers

Kids harem trousers

Mamas, don’t forget to take a look at the harem trousers for children, you will love them! Can you imagine? You and your child with the same harem trousers through the streets of the village!!! A unique show!

Men’s harem trousers

Mens harem trousers

We can’t leave out our partner or our husband! These men’s harem trousers are perfect for him! And if you prefer ethnic trousers with pockets for him, on this ethnic clothing site you will find different models of ethnic trousersfor men or you can choose casual pants in solid colors. your choice!

Good day!