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Ladies poncho, warm women’s poncho in 100% alpaca, the best ladies poncho handmade in Peru, available for you directly on the LaMamita’s online shop

Ladies ponchoToday I’m here to tell you about one of the most beautiful ladies ponchos I’ve ever seen. A peruvian poncho with a capital P! Check it out and tell me if I’m not right!

Ladies poncho

Ladies poncho, very warm – Zelda alpaca poncho

With a particularly refined and elegant style, this warm hodded poncho captured my imagination and transported me to another time. Not when I was younger, no, not so close! Well, in fact, this beautiful ladies poncho with warm colors and a very particular ethno design took me much further in the past, to a time when I didn’t even think of my great-grandmother. Yes, quite far back! As you will have understood, I am of course talking about the feudal era. I had a vision of a rider wearing this warm poncho, with a large hood pulled down over his eyes, reins in his hands, advancing slowly in the dying light of evening past the drawbridge, in the courtyard of a beautiful old castle. You can’t deny it, maybe you never had a similar vision when seeing this beautiful green knitted alpaca wool poncho, but now that I’ve told you about it, I’m sure you won’t be able to see it again without remember.

Peruvian Poncho

I’m happy to have found a beautiful warm ladies poncho in alpaca wool for you!
Visit the website and take a look at the gorgeous colors available for this very warm alpaca poncho for women, a hippie poncho very nice and unique.

Do you want know the istory of this brand? Follow their history: LaMamita: The choice of name

A warm greeting to all of you, see you soon