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The Man of the LaMamita Team

The Man of the LaMamita Team – We’ve reached the last member of the LaMamita team!
Here he is, the man from LaMamita Teams
What can I tell you about him other than the fact that he is the only man of this team? If I don’t know, you don’t know, right?

The Man of the LaMamita Team

All right, for now, I’ll tell you the most important thing. It’s the one who pays, I mean the goods, do you think it’s little? I would also add that he is the one who organizes the trips, in all your stages. 
travel organization LaMamita

In these photos you can see two small moments immortalized with an old camera. Both from the early 80’s. In the first, LaMamita’s Man on the road to Machu Pichu. In the second, the right arm of the LaMamita team embraces his inseparable wife on of the Titicaca lake.

The man of the LaMamita team, the right hand

The man of the team, the right hand

Nice is not it! But I can’t just say this about him, there’s much more. He is right hand man of number one’s. Without him, this all probably would never have happened. He is the silent shadow, or almost, next to her; he doesn’t decide but, if he doesn’t approve, anything he goes ahead.
LaMamita team Mario
That’s enough, you should have got an idea by now so I leave you with the image of this man, who if you look closely at him, will remind you of someone, someone famous.
If I tell you what taste there is! No come on, find out alone or alone or in the company of your friends, which is better!
Think you know who it looks like? Excellent, write and ask for confirmation!
Have a good day everyone, you too, LaMamita team; spring, summer, autumn or winter, I know you’re always working to fill our closets! We are therefore waiting for LaMamita’s news for this and for the next seasons.
The LaMamita’ team will not disappoint us this year either. Alpaca sweaters, winter and summer dresses, trousers, who knows what new models he will have thought up! Let’s not talk about the ponchos which were the first garment designed by this company.
You find out what Alpaca is
Greetings to all, including you “The Man of the LaMamita Team”!