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Winter knit dresses always in fashion

The women’s winter knit dresses is timeless and always in style. I’m talk you of knit dresses today, because autumn will arrive soon and, like me, you surely want to be prepared to face the first cool days with elegance.

Winter knit dresses for fall

Winter knit dresses for women, always in fashion

Warm and enveloping, women’s knitted dresses are perfect for facing the autumn/winter season. You can wear them for any occasion: during the day, both at home and at work, at night to go out with friends or to go to a party. If you combine them with the right accessories, you can create a personal and unique result.

Womens jumper dresses

A womens jumper dress can be a classic and trendy model in solid color, which highlights the silhouette, or a casual model, both fitted and soft with geometric or floral designs. In addition to this, we find knitted dresses finished with refined and very special buttons made by hand with white ceramic and later painted with colors in harmony with the color of the dress to which they belong.

Ceramic buttons

Ceramic buttons

How want your knitted dress be?

There are models of women’s knit dresses for all tastes, you will have a choice! Today I want to talk about the wool jumper dresses from LaMamita.

Wool jumper dresses, 100% alpaca wool warm and soft, comfortable to wear

The women’s wool jumper dresses that I found at the LaMamita online store are above all warm, soft and pleasant to wear because they are made of fine alpaca wool. The material used should not be underestimated as alpaca wool is one of the best wools on the market, comparable to cashmere wool and is much warmer and softer than merinos wool.

Dyeing wool with natural materials

Winter knit dresses in natural materials

The women’s knit dress with multiple qualities is a winter dress made with 100% alpaca wool, since this wool allows the skin to breathe. ¡Esto, lo sabemos bien, avoid sweating and its consequences! Now I’m surprised by revealing something that not all know! Alpaca wool, unlike all other types of wool, does not contain lanolin and, therefore, is a perfect wool for everyone, including for children! The ausencia of lanolin makes this wool anti-allergenic.

100% rustic alpaca wool

Knitted wool dress, comfortable and feminine!

In the online catalog I was able to see the variety of alpaca knit dresses designed and made by the LaMamita stylist. I found models of sleeveless knitted dresses, long-sleeved dresses, and half-sleeved dresses. There are models of knitted dresses with a very wide high neck, V-neck dresses and round neck dresses.

Solid color wool jumper dresses

Among the models of knitted dresses, for those with more classic tastes, there are solid color alpaca wool jumper dresses. For those looking for a casual patterned knit dress, winter knit dresses with wonderful and unique textures are available. The colors are definitely amazing as the alpaca wool is dyed with natural vegetable dyes; This type of coloring gives the wool something sophisticated and extremely adaptable to any need. You choose the model and color that you like the most!

Knit dresses and women’s winter outfit

As we well know, a nice woolen knit dress is not enough for a winter outfit! In fact, accessories are very important to make a perfect women’s winter outfit! As I am a lover of particular outfits, to create my own outfit, I took a look at the clothing accessories available in the LaMamita catalog. Again, a big surprise! I found truly unique and particular clothing accessories.

Among these, I can gladly point out wool and fabric belts, earrings, necklaces and bracelets made with materials such as ceramic beads, Amazonian seeds and other recycled natural materials. But I will tell you about this in my next article.

Crochet dresses

Tatiana Crochet dress

In the De LaMamita catalog, I found a beautiful crochet dress, perfect to wear over a fitted sweater and leggings. This splendid model of wool dress is made in crochet and is available in different colors. Each dress has a different crochet process.

Winter knit dresses and wool shawls

Autumn is the perfect season to wear your wool knit dress! The climate, not too harsh, allows us to go out without having to wear a coat or jacket over our wool dress!
Any advice for nights out? Choose a nice scarf or a beautiful woolen shawl to complete your outfit, you will be wrapped in warm warmth even if the night is windy!

Alpaca wool shawls and scarves

Holidays in the heat?

Are you curious to see the summer looks that LaMamita offers for the hot season? Thinking of spending the Christmas holidays in a warm place? Read my article on summer clothes and choose your holiday outfit!