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Alpaca yarn made from 100% baby alpaca dk yarn – Women have always made pretty garments from balls of cotton yarn or wool yarn that are very useful in everyday life. A fascinating art of knitting that has been refined and established over time. Therefore, it was important to provide raw materials to the men and women who devoted themselves to this art. This is how the first small shops specializing in the sale of balls of wool came into being. Balls of yarn of all kinds were designed and made; The combination of different materials resulted in: pure wool skeins, mixed wool skeins, cotton skeins and other types.

Today I want to tell you about balls of yarn, more specifically about balls of dk yarn baby alpaca wool.

Alpaca yarn balls made from 100% baby alpaca dk yarn

Today I want to tell you about balls of yarn, more specifically about balls of dk yarn baby alpaca wool.

Why “baby”? What does baby alpaca mean? Very simple: It is the alpaca that is obtained from the first shearing of the alpaca babies and has a very soft fur. Alpacas are not killed to obtain wool, only sheared. They are sheared at the right time of year as their health is important to farmers.An adult alpaca produces much more wool than a puppy and as you know alpaca wool is the livelihood of hundreds of small breeders and as many artisans and shopkeepers. Now you know two things about baby alpacas dk yarn:

  1. it is softer than the adult alpaca
  2. Baby alpaca balls are more expensive

At a time when progress exceeded all expectations, this ancient art of knitting has found its place in the modern age. Nowadays these very soft alpaca balls come to our home easily with one click, the alpaca balls can easily be bought online:

Alpaca yarn balls

Alpaca hats for kids

We look at the round face of a kid wearing a cute woolly hat with ears. You can buy a ready-made one or make your own from balls of alpaca yarn. Surely, buying it is the quickest solution, but for those who love to knit, making one with your own hands is a great satisfaction! It’s even an option to let your mother do it, and why not, you can let your dear and sweet grandmother do it, who is always sitting in her rocking chair or in her armchair, looking at you and smiling a little bored, maybe hours spent doing little or nothing.

Why not give her some beautiful balls of baby alpaca yarn to make a super soft hat? You can show her the picture of the model you want, she will definitely make it. Even if it will not be exactly the same, it will always be beautiful and when you wear it you will feel in its warmth the joy that your grandmother felt when making it.

Ok, but let’s not just think of Grandma! I love knitting! You? What could be nicer than choosing from dozens of colors of warm and soft balls of alpaca yarn? Nothing, I assure you! What comes next is beautiful, interesting, challenging, and also very satisfying, but…never as much as the pure and simple joy of choosing colors!

Here’s what you can do with a few balls of alpaca yarn and little free time!

Wool legwarmers

girls leg-warmers

Alpaca mittens

alpaca mittens

Alpaca gloves & mittens Alpaca hats Alpaca scarves

All this for you or your family
That’s enough, you already have a good choice to start with!

Have a nice day and have fun!