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LaMamita: The choice of name

Ethnic clothing LaMamita: how was the name of this ethnic clothing brand chosen?

First of all, it is necessary to know the meaning of the word itself: you need to know that among the indigenous people, any woman, from the youngest to the oldest, regardless of where she comes from, is commonly called Mamita.

LaMamita: The choice of name

From this derives the choice of name: it was born to commemorate and honor all the women of the world; That’s why this ethnic and gypsy bohemian clothing company, made up mostly of women, has chosen to call itself that. Originally this company consisted of two people, a man and a woman, both very young. The first ethnic garments, drawn with a simple pencil between the fingers of this young woman, were in fact women’s clothes. The first alpaca wool dresses, simple maxi sweaters designed and produced by LAMAMITA, had an unexpected success in the 1980s. This is how a range of original and increasingly refined and attractive knitted dresses was born, with attention to the smallest detail.
From creating knitted dresses, the new designer, who was just a girl at the time, slowly diversified her knitwear line into different garments: woolen skirts, knitted trousers and woolen dungarees. Obviously, alpaca sweaters and alpaca ponchos, despite being traditional garments, have taken on a whole new dimension with this new designer. With an open and innovative spirit, this woman did not limit herself to a single style, thus giving life to an alpaca wool clothing company with multiple styles. Therefore, in addition to ethnic clothing with carefully studied and unique designs and colors, it is also possible to find solid color clothing on the LaMamita ethnic and gypsy bohemian clothing website.
So let’s move on to clothing in a classic style, with elegant models, other extreme winter sports clothing suitable for the mountains and casual clothing models suitable for any occasion.
Nevertheless, I leave you with the assurance that you now have a clearer idea of the origins of the company and the thoughts of the first two, five members of the group. A company born almost like a game that has evolved far beyond the expectations of its young authors and that will surely amaze you.

Would you like to know more? Follow me and little by little you will discover the whole story of LAMAMITA.

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