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Fashion sustainability: What is sustainabe fashion?

Fashion sustainability: in recent years, the world is becoming more eco-conscious even when it comes to clothing. In the fashion industry, sustainability has developed slowly over the past decade but is set to explode. Here’s what sustainable fashion means today:

  • favor the choice of material used for production towards natural materials
  • wrapping and packaging
  • respect for the worker

All this produces a positive impact on the environment in which we live; we can therefore say that sustainable fashion is environmentally friendly and is ethically made ( ethical fashion )
This all sounds simple, but being a sustainable clothing brand means having higher overheads, which obviously reduces profit margins. 

Sustainable clothing brand

It is therefore necessary to turn to aware consumers, willing first of all to avoid purchasing cheap and non-environmentally friendly clothing products, secondly willing to face shipping costs that are not free. The free shipping costs would further reduce the company’s profit by creating a negative impact also on workers.

Fashion sustainability and clothing

Our sustainable clothing brand “LaMamita”, has always been concerned with being an eco-sustainable clothing brand. We have set up our work and production following three main key lines of sustainability.

Sustainable fashion brand

Fashion sustainability alpaca white shawl

What are these three lines of thought and what do they mean for us

Slow Fashion

Slow Fashion is exactly the opposite of Fast Fashion, it consists in giving the final consumer a high quality product that lasts over time. The long duration therefore reduces the need to continually purchase new products. Buying a sustainable clothing means investing in the long term.

Fashion sustainability

natural alpaca wool yarns

Ethical fashion

Ethical fashion concerns production, that is, the working conditions of the artisan producer, the choice of the material used and the conditions of the animals when the material used is of animal origin.
The materials we use for production are mainly two:

  1. 100% alpaca wool ( of animal origin )
  2. 100% Cotton ( of vegetal origin )

The use of these two high quality materials therefore has the advantage of obtaining an item of ethical clothing that lasts over time and does not release toxic fibers into the environment when washed. Washing is a very important point to take into consideration. Many people, eager to respect the environment, have turned their attention to clothing produced with recycled plastic materials. With this choice, they thought they were respecting the environment. A big mistake!
They didn’t consider washing! Every time a sweater, dress or sweatshirt made from recycled material are washed, they release toxic fibers into the environment which pollute both water and soil. 100% alpaca wool and 100% cotton ethical clothes can be washed as many times as you wish. Do not releasing toxic fibers into the environment, as they are completely natural materials.

Fashion sustainability – Ethical clothing brand

natural yarns, alpaca wool cones

Ethical clothing with 100% alpaca wool

Alpaca wool: where we buy alpaca wool

We buy our alpaca wool in Peru, because this is the place of origin of Alpacas. In Peru, these splendid animals live in their natural habitat, therefore, climate and food are those most suited to its nature. All their needs are therefore ethically respected.

alpacas natural habitat

Raised free in large spaces, the alpacas are shorn once a year, when the season is warmer. Shearing allows them to be free from parasites, thus improving their quality of life. Don’t be worried about shearing! Think of the alpaca as if it were your dog, after you have had it washed and sheared, it is happy!

Alpacas in Peru

Sustainable clothes and sustainable cotton

The 100% cotton that we use for our summer dresses, skirts and trousers has two different origins:

  1. Pima cotton made in Peru
  2. cotton on a manual loom handmade in Guatemala

Pima cotton is the best cotton in the world, fabrics made with this material are light, fresh and breathable. They are machine washable and are resistant to time and wear. With this type of sustainable cotton, which is always in a solid colour, eco-sustainable clothing in a Boho and classic style is made.

Pima cotton clothes handmade in Peru

The 100% sustainable cotton fabric produced in Guatemala is an ethnic style fabric. Produced on a loom, it has no obverse or reverse, the design is on both sides. This fabric is perfect for creating ethnic, gypsy and boho sustainable clothing

sustainable cotton ethnic fabric

This type of loom processing makes the fabrics not only unique, but also resistant and almost indestructible. With this type of fabric, we reach the top of sustainable clothing for the summer!

sustainable summer fashion

Sustainable fashion or conscious fashion

Conscious fashion is also the message that is transmitted to consumers that pushes them to give little importance to packaging, to consider the use of ever-new and perfect packaging as ephemeral and useless when and where it is possible to use recycled packaging instead.

What is meant by recycled packaging?

Our items arrive from Peru and Guatemala individually packaged in transparent plastic bags, like all clothing products. Being handcrafted, upon arrival in Italy, they are subjected to a quality control which serves to avoid shipping products with small imperfections due precisely to artisanal production. This check involves having to open the original packaging which is then closed again without being replaced to avoid excessive plastic waste. Why are the products that arrive packaged in plastic bags? The packaging is essential to guarantee the transport of the products, their maintenance in our warehouses and their hygiene.

Ethical and sustainable fashion: why is it important?

The fashion industry is quite harmful to the planet mainly because most clothes are made from synthetic fibers, therefore made of plastic. This creates a microplastic disaster of large proportions, for the production, for washing, for the excessive disposal of garments that have a very short lifespan.

Sustainable fashion and future

Our commitment for the future is to continue producing sustainable clothing and, when possible, replace plastic packaging with eco-friendly packaging.

LaMamita’s sustainable clothing brand

alpacas and men in Peru

Sustainable work

Sustainable Work guarantees dignity to the person, regularity of work, good working conditions and above all fair income which is the basis of everything.

Sustainable Work and Fashion sustainability

In fact, a fair income guarantees the worker and his family the possibility of living in good conditions and facing life’s problems with serenity. At this point it is necessary to explain how and why the LaMamita online shop was born.

Slow fashion brand

Our slow fashion brand was born in the early 80s. At that time, we offered our products directly in city markets and village fairs. As the years passed and the slow but inexorable advance of the global economic crisis, to guarantee our artisans continuity of work, we looked for other sales routes.

Fashion sustainability

women and sustainable work

Conceived, designed and put online in the 2000s when large e-commerce again did not yet exist, the LaMamita e-commerce site was one of the first sustainable fashion online shops, the first among non-fast fashion brands!