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Capsule wardrobe – What does capsule wardrobe mean?

What is the Capsule Wardrobe? The so-called capsule wardrobe is a wardrobe with a particular organization whose goal is to have a limited number of clothing items.

Alpaca sweater and hat Capsule wardrobe

How many autumn capsule wardrobe items?

An autumn capsule wardrobe contains, for each season, from 30 to 40 assorted items of clothing, including accessories. The fact of having a limited number of items of clothing means having to carefully choose items that can be combined with each other in order to always have a new look that is compatible with fashion.

Building a capsule wardrobe

How to create a capsule wardrobe

In recent years, the capsule wardrobe has become a very popular trend as it goes hand in hand with ecological trends that are increasingly becoming more important. A capsule wardrobe therefore offers a practical, sustainable and ecological approach to the world of fashion as well. To reduce the number of items of clothing it is essential to identify timeless and obviously quality pieces to have an effective, practical, long-lasting and therefore eco-sustainable wardrobe. Buying excellent quality clothing may seem expensive, but, over time, it proves to be the cheapest choice since the sweater, dress, hat, scarf and more purchased today will last us as new for years. At LaMamita, we consider eco-sustainable support applied to fashion to be essential.

What to have in the capsule closet?

The first step in creating a good capsule wardrobe is to evaluate the clothes you already own, choose the ones you usually wear and discard the others. You can donate discarded clothes to various associations, they will be recycled, thus helping those in need. Now that you’ve narrowed down your wardrobe, take a look at the colors of the items you’ve decided to keep. Based on these colors, you will then choose the new clothing items to buy to create your new capsule wardrobe.

Capsule wardrobe women for winter

At LaMamita, we consider eco-sustainable support applied to fashion to be essential; here are our tips for choosing timeless and quality clothes for the women’s capsule wardrobe. Starting with the sweaters, essential and indispensable for tackling autumn first and then winter: the Susan Sweater and the Cameron Cardigan are two timeless and always up-to-date items of clothing, easily combinable with any outfit. If you like turtleneck sweaters, the Katia pullover is what you need.

100% alpaca sweaters and cardigans for eco-sustainable word

Knitted dresses in your winter capsule wardrobe

Let’s move on to consider the knit dresses that absolutely cannot be missing from your winter capsule wardrobe! If you prefer trousers to skirts, the Genevieve alpaca dress, which is worn with trousers, can only be perfect to put in your wardrobe! Refined but simple, they give a unique touch to your look and combine it easily. Also consider a nice dress to wear on special occasions, but also to go to the office or for a walk downtown. The Ornella alpaca knit dress is a short but not too much dress, snug without being a second skin, therefore perfect for whatever your needs.

We absolutely cannot leave out the skirt! In our capsule wardrobe, a skirt is a must. If you like short skirts, the Samanta skirt is a versatile piece of clothing as you can use it both as a skirt and as a cape. We also add a long skirt or midi skirt, because you will certainly have the right occasion to wear it.


Knitted skirts for the capsule wardrobe


If you like full skirts, the New Folk alpaca wool skirt is for you; if, on the other hand, you prefer fitted skirts, the Blu knit skirt and the Angy skirt are a perfect alternative. For lovers of short skirts, we suggest the Giuditta miniskirt, double face, solid color on one side, ethnic pattern on the other, two skirts in one! A perfect knit mini skirt for your capsule wardrobe.

Women's capsule wardrobe

Indispensable in your wardrobe, they are now a coat and a poncho. Our Susanna coat is easily combinable, long and warm, worn over the sweater or dress of your choice, it will protect you from the cold of winter days. If you prefer a more whimsical and perfectly fashionable item of clothing, the Tamara poncho is the one for you.

Alpaca poncho Tamara

Capsule wardrobe and clothing accessories

Alpaca Hats, Gloves, Scarves, Shawls, Leg-warmers and Socks

Stay connected and, in the next article, I’ll show you the accessories that can’t be missing in your capsule wardrobe.

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